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A solid understanding and appreciation for today’s children, adolescents, and young adults is at the core of our business. Our children are growing up in a very different world than their parents and grandparents, and dealing with issues that are unique to their generation alone. More than ever, empowering our children to know themselves, be themselves, and better themselves is an imperative approach to their full education. 

We take our role in each child’s dance community very seriously, and we support our youth in any way possible. One of our goals is to help students see the power in themselves, in their dancing, and in their ambitions. We strive to help every Dream Dance Challenge competitor feel pride and strength and to display their dignity in dance and daily life. 

This fall we are setting the stage, so to speak, in another platform; social media. Our children are heavily vested in their online worlds and we hope to help make these spaces safe and supportive for our dancers. Our #shareyourstrength campaign is meant to encourage our dancers to put their best selves out there for people to see. We hope our youth will use this campaign to break the cycle of approval seeking, often in negative ways, and to have permission to boast about the positive aspects of their personalities; the things they work hard for and are passionate about. We know our dancers are proud of the work they do and we hope that they will identify with that strong presence in their lives. 

#shareyourstrength is a platform designed to help surround our dancers with imagery of positive role models, the ones found in their studios, homes, and schools. 

Please help us in our quest to do our part to pave the way for a more supportive online experience for our children by encouraging your dancers to submit their power shot under the hashtag #shareyourstrength. 

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