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Names, ages and birthdates of all artists must appear on the official registration form. Proof of birthdates may be required.

Age classifications are determined by age on January 1st of the competition season.

To calculate age for duo/trios, groups and productions:  Total the ages of all artists in the routine and divide by the number of artists, then drop the decimal point. Example: if the average is 11.8, you would drop the decimal and the routine will have an average age of 11. The age division of the routine must not be more than one level below the age of the oldest artist in the routine, regardless of the average age. Example: a routine contains artists ranging in age from 10 – 18; the routine would fall into the 13-15 age category (one division younger than the oldest artist of 18 years

Age Classifications:

  • Petite             Age 1-8
  • Junior            Age  9-12
  • Teen              Age 13-15
  • Senior           Age 16-18
  • Pre-professional    Age 19+